3 to go:

Radiation is a scary thing , no doubt about it. Fear of the unknown? How will my body adjust to this radiation invading this unwanted tumor,  but its also invading those healthy cells surrounding it. Thus far, my lacrimal gland has been compromised. The tumor really is uncomfortably close to my optic nerve. This gland is responsible for producing tears, keeping the eye moist, well now I have become dependant on eye drops, which I seem to be dropping drops every hour.  So, now when I cry, I cry just from one eye, and no this does not mean that I only have half the emotions, cause heaven knows every woman  when experiencing emotions there is no such thing as half, we go in full force, full throttle and at full speed and we will take out anything and anyone in our way. Its a gift we women carry.

3 to go. I would do a cartwheel here in the lobby, but I fear it may not be as well received as I see it in my head. Wont stop me from doing one on my last day though (note to self do not wear a skirt) . What baffles me a little bit , is that now that its coming to an end, Im experiencing sadness. Ive actually have enjoyed coming here, not so much for the treatment (Im not crazy after all), but for the people Ive encountered. .. My tech Alex, my Russian tech, makes the commute, treatment worth while. At first glance, he can be quite intimidating, add in his Russian accent and you are all but hiding in the corner. Then his approach, a warm smile , a funny perspective on life. I was lucly enough to have Alex as my tech for my first week of treatment. The scariest week no doubt. This is when you are being made aware of what is going on. However I became spoiled with Alex and Steven as my techs. Each morning, thier banter made me laugh. Their interactions, with eachother and sometimes throwing me in the mix, made my treatments, dare I say it, Fun. I found mysefl laughing which isnt easy to do while wearing a mask that is clamped to the table. 

I must say all the techs here have been wonderful, and have made it more than bearable. 

Thank you USC Medical Radiation Team!


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