Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow : Full of possiblities

Tomorrow, I take from my gray cloud, the silver lining.   Tomorrow, I will show my kids that no matter the battle, show up, look up and never give up. Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to a wonderful team of healthcare providers who held my hand through this entire process. Tomorrow, we do not know what may come, tomorrow we do not know what God has planned, but what I do know is, he has given me the strength, to get through this difficult time. Tomorrow, I will have climbed my Everest thus far. Tomorrow, I will be able to say goodbye to something that tried to break me, but ultimately made me stronger.  Tomorrow, I will walk out with my head held high surrounded by those who were my reminders of why I need to keep fighting.  Tomorrow I will be able to say I am here, I live I love, I made a difference.

 So to you tomorrow, I say,”Ill see ya Tomorrow”

Dedicated to my family that showed me they were there. It was through their prayers and kind thoughts, I was able to get through this, To my friends that made me laugh even through my tears. I am  thankful. 

To God. I am nothing but thankful.


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