Diamonds are a girls best friend.

I am the mother of 3 amazing kids. All are different. amazing human beings, and because of them, I know I did something right. 

However this blog is for my boys. I am the PROUD mother of two athletic boys. They seem to do well in any sport they play. Ive been blessed to watch them be a team player, a team leader and a team supporter.  We have seen our share of defeat as well as our share of victories. While the victories are great, I have found that the losses seem to add more to their character. Losing is never fun, but its how they handle it that makes me think they are going to be okay. I tell my boys its easy to be a sore loser, but its even harder to be a good winner.  

Of all the sports my sons have  played , baseball by far has and will always be my favorite. Partially because I played #softball all my life, and stopped 3 months into my last pregnacy. I know the game,, However I must admit that it wasnt until my son became more competitive, that I never took the time to realize how strategic baseball can be.  I thought hit the ball, and run, right?  Sacrifice flies? intentional walks, knowing the lineup, batters weaknesses, batters base speed, and the list goes on and on. 

I have spent countless hours at the fields, and I have no regrets. As I am that crazy mom. Ive been known to argue with the Blue, and as of today he has never changed a call. I do the wave when my boys have their ESPN highlight moments.  I cheer, i groan and from time to time you can hear me yell “COME ON” in a very frustrated tone. There was a time, that when my boy would bat, that I couldnt bear to watch. I would walk the fields due to my anxiety. There he would be standing all alone at the plate, and i could do nothing to help him. He stood all alone. There would be pressure situations, games riding on the outcome of his at bat,, and there was nothing , nothing I could do, but watch and pray, and pray I did….(but mostly I closed my eyes and would listen for the PING when the bat hits the ball at the sweetspot.)

Ive seen the look of defeat on his face, when the blue yells Strike three, (which by the way, do they have to yell when they say strike through, I imagine it would be fairly obvious once the batter walks off the field, hey blue no need to humiliate the kid. Ive seen his look of pure hapiness, when he turns two, or gets that hit, the rbis on his record… yes Ive seen it all. 

My boys love the game, and Im glad they do, but what I love even more, is that they are humble, hardworking team players and I couldnt be more proud. 

In this instance i taught my boys that is absolutely okay to hit and steal. 


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