So full of possibilities . So new , so fresh, doors are opening if only in our mind, which is half the battle right?

Then why is my year starting off so blah? Could it be me? My attitude, nah thats not it.

Im on a road to self improvement. Apparently I didnt realize the magnitude of the overhaul this would entail. Im so set in my ways, that seeing the bigger picture is my first obstacle. So, where to begin. Looking in the mirror is not an option, one thing i need to work on is self acceptance. Why is it that we are the hardest judges when it comes to ourselves. Why do I struggle with compliments. The times I look in the mirror, all I see are my flaws, my imperfections and I dont see myself as others see me. I want to open my eyes and see myself as others see me. Therefore allowing me to walk confidently along the path that lies before me. Walking with your head held high, is a goal that I have wrote down for myself… Attainable, I would hope so, however this goal calls for acceptance. In order to reach the goal that would give me better posture, I have to reach the goal of acceptance.

One thing at a time. This acceptance thing has a lot of factors that goes with it. One thing at a time. One change at a time. … With each one letting go of some internal conflict that would eventually lead me to Acceptance.

Here I go…..


New Year New You Posts

Happy New Year!

I do want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Let me get right to it. Yes, its a new year, yes a new outlook, yes, possibilities. I would like to take this opportunity to stand for more interaction, less electronic communication, pick up the phone not to text but to hear someone’s voice. To hear their excitement upon hearing good news, to cry with you when needed and not send an emoji….doesn’t quite feel the same….. However this is quite the conundrum isn’t it, calling for more interaction as I blog on social media, apparently I walk a fine line…

Taking a Leap of Faith

This is big for me. Im not one to put it all out there, however something is quite intriguing about hiding behind my computer keyboard.  Ive wanted to do this for a long time, however as with many people, Life just got in the way..  Ive decided that this year, this very year, I will be doing something for me, and in doing so, I can entertain others with my quirkiness.

In the story of my life, I have many roles. While I may not be successful in all of them, I do get something out of each role.  Im a daughter, wife, mother, sister friend.. .. truly the list is endless.  ….

With this blog, I hope to make some laugh, share experiences, and use as a guidance to self improvement.